Made to Measure

We supply you with a full service from site survey if necessary, through design to installation. We provide a detailed info sheet to help you provide us with the details for your gates measurements. The measurement info sheet will also draw your attention the layout of the ground which may influence the type and swing direction of the gate. For instance if your drive slopes up on entering the gate, the gates swing may need to be set to outward to avoid the gate swinging into the sloped driveway or you may need a sliding gate.

To enable Fabrocrats to quote accurately for your made to measure driveway/entrance and/or pedestrian gate we need certain measurements and opening directions. The diagram above shows the measurement points clicking here is a link to sent details to complete for your convenience. When considering a swing gate using either 2 gates or a single gate the slope of the land must be taken into account. However just as relevant, should you consider a sliding gate make sure you have wall space on either side/s of the opening to allow for the gate or gates to slide open.And last but not least, when considering a traditional metal gate design there are a range of decorative accessories that can add to the height and the overall weight of the gate/s. Please make sure we know about any possibilities you’d like to consider.